Roll Your Own/Tobacco

Create roll your own cigarettes that have just the right strength and taste for you, while taking it easy on your wallet. Make, store and smoke your own cigarettes with ease and in style. We carry all the  Tobacco, Rolling Machines, Papers, Filters & Tubes and any accessories you may need.


Make Your Own Brands include

Zen, Premier, Laramie, Top, Gambler, and more

Rolling paper in your favorite sizes
Raw, Elements, Smoking, Rizzla, Zig Zag, Job, OCB, Bob Marley, Top and more

Zen, Swan, Laramie, The Three Castles and more

Rolling machines
electric machines, crank machines, slide injectors, roll boxes, and hand rollers

Rolling Paper

We have one of the largest selection of products in our smoke shop, come in today!.