Hookahs & Shisha

We carry small to large hookahs in varying styles, sizes and colors. From 6″ to 32″ single, double and triple hosed hookahs. Were sure you can find one to fit your style and budget. Brands include Kahlil Mamoon, Sahara Smoke, Mya Saray, Econo Mya, Egyptian made as well as modern hookahs.

Our full line of hookah supplies include:

Hookah Shisha(also spelled Sheesha)
Starbuzz, Starbuzz Bold, Fumari- Strikingly Fresh, Fantasia, Al-Fakher & Haze. We also carry De Cloud Fruit Shisha and Hydro Herbal Molasses which do not contain tobacco or nicotine.

Hookah Accessories
Three Kings Coals, Coco Nara Natural Coals, Foil, Bowls, Hoses,Mouth tips, vapor stones and underwater motion lights to jazz up your smoking experience.

Nag Champa and Darshan incense sticks in an assortment of  aromas.

Nag Champa Incense Cones

Smoke Odor Candles

Smoke Odor Sprays

Ozium Air Freshner



Hookah Shisha brands such as Starbuzz, Starbuzz Bold, Fumari, Haze, Fantasia, Al-Fakher, and Hydro Herbal

Hookah Accessories: coals, foil, bowls, hoses and mouth tips

Inscense: Nag Champa and Darshan

Hookah Shisha